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Why Choose Safe At Home?

We are proud to have a team leading Safe At Home that has over 50+ combined years of experience in the caregiving field, and who now use these talents to continuously improve Safe At Home’s quality of care and the lives of our clients.

The heart of Safe At Home is to uplift people so that they can live more peaceful and fulfilling daily lives. So, we take care of both big and small tasks for our clients that allow them to spend more time on the things that truly matter.

We also believe that the best care we can provide is well-rounded and integrated, so we strive to not only be a support for our clients, but also their families, our caregivers, and the communities that we live and work in.

What Makes Us Special?

Safe At Home is distinctive because it truly is a business created in order to support and serve others. The true heart of Safe At Home is to “help individuals live the most fulfilling lives possible by helping with the big and small everyday things” and this extends to every single person we come in contact with.


Our business has had tremendous success since opening, and we believe it’s because we are not just a support system for our clients, but also their families, our caregivers, and the communities that we live and work in. We believe that the best care we can provide is well-rounded and integrated, and our caregiving services are only a small portion of what we do every day! When Safe At Home was still just a dining room table chat, we used the phrase “No one knows everything. No one knows nothing. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle” (Lama Surya Das) because we realized that if we really wanted this business to help change people’s lives, we knew we 1. needed to expand our own knowledge and 2. find a network of other passionate individuals to help us.


Through our hiring process, we were lucky to find a team that included over 50+ years of caregiving experience, a Spanish Speaking Liaison, specific Veterans Assisted Living training, Leadership training, First Aid and CPR training, and much more. However, while we are extremely pleased to have talented teammates, we are even more proud to have friends who consistently try to improve themselves, their work, and the world around them. Other projects our staff work on outside of their normal job duties include providing free Medicare Counseling through SHIP, RedCross volunteering, free secondhand donation of clothing to local schools and women's programs, finding free or cheap medical supplies to donate, local clean up and gardening, and other numerous projects year-round.


Back to the Community

Take a


at how we give back!



  • Sidney Red Raiders: Athletic Booster Club

  • Friends of the Sidney Public Library 

  • High Plains Arts Council 

  • Creek Valley Schools (Yearbook) 

  • Lift Up Thine Eyes - Resource and Grieving aftercare book

  • Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities - 2024 Conference sponsor

  • Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office - LAW Educational publication

Local organizations/ nonprofits/ business support

  • 987 The Big Boy - Annual Spring Exposition

  • Sidney Gold Rush Days

  • Cheyenne County Fair & Rodeo

  • Sidney Oktoberfest

  • Cruise ‘N Class

  • Wireless World - Back To School Drive



  • SHIP/SMP Medicare and Medicaid Counseling - 2 volunteers

  • RedCross - Disaster and Relief Volunteer - 1 volunteer

  • 211 Listing 

  • With Love - Partnered with local school and Doves Program to start a free second hand donation program for clothing, hygiene products, shoes, etc.

Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce

  • Annual Banquet Sponsor

  • Agriculture Social Annual Banquet Sponsor

  • Sidney Public Schools: Sports Calendar Sponsor

  • Welcome to town packets

Alliance Chamber of Commerce

  • Annual Banquet Sponsor 

  • Heritage Days Sponsor 

  • Relocation and Visitor Packets

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